Our Last Night Together

Suddenly, and after a lot of exciting experiences and adventure, today marks the end of our stay at Moreton Hall. This morning in class we recorded our “can-do’s” and completed our presentations.

After lunch we packed our cases and then presented our work to the other classes and members of staff. We got certificates in recognition of our best qualities and greatest achievements on the course, and a copy of the course photograph so we’ll never forget our friends from Moreton Hall.

At the end of the day, it was time for our Grand Fashion Show. We strutted on the catwalk and showed off our designs. One of our teachers, Becky, and Social Activities leader, Lisa, voted for the winners of the night: Andy’s brilliant Lakers T shirt, and Anna’s tribute to the game of Uno. It was a difficult decision, though, which you can see from the photos of everybody’s brilliant work.

We spent the whole evening laughing, cheering and having fun, and it was quite late when the show finally ended. So we went to bed tired but happy and a little bit sad to have ended our last night together … for this year, anyway!

Gallery: More Photos with our Guests

The London Eye & Other London Things!

Today, we spent the whole day in London. We first went to see Buckingham Palace, the British royal family’s city residence. We were surprised and lucky to see the Queen’s Guard marching along from the Palace. We could get our cameras out fast enough to get a photo, but they looked very smart in bright red jackets and tall, furry black hats. There was also a mounted soldier following them on a beautiful horse. It was very exciting. After our lunch in St James’s Park, we headed towards the River Thames to catch the other famous sights of Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and Parliament Square …

Westminster Bridge, on our way to the London Eye (in the background)

… and then to one of our trip’s highlights, the Coca-Cola London Eye.

After our brilliant ride on the London Eye, we walked along the south bank of the River Thames, watched performers dancing and singing, acrobats, artists and skateboarders paused for a rest and much-needed drinks of water. When we reached the famous Millennium Bridge, we stopped in the middle, where there are some fantastic photo opportunities. The views of Tower Bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral were fantastic. At Blackfriars, we were excited to get a London underground (or tube) train to Covent Garden. Once there, we did some souvenir shopping and rounded off the day with pizza for dinner. After dinner, Taleb celebrated his 13th birthday with a surprise cake and candles and everyone in the restaurant sang for him!

Intense Art Sessions

Heavy rain stopped play outdoors, so we moved indoors to decorate boxes and make collages. Everyone was very focused on their artwork, which was great preparation for our T-shirt and bandana session. Can’t wait to show off these fabulous designs at our Fashion Show on Friday!

After dinner, we celebrated Anna’s 10th birthday and had a lovely chocolate party cake for dessert. Anna made a wish and blew out the candles – after we had all sung Happy Birthday, of course. At the end of the evening, the Girls’ Team, the Boys’ Team, Becky and Lisa all competed in a quiz. Becky and the Boys were the winners with 71 points, but the Girls came close with 69 points and Lisa was only just behind with a score of 66.

Note: Becky and Lisa made the quiz more even by cancelling their two highest scores.